We believe that we’re the best choice for small businesses looking to make a website, and we believe we can back up that claim. We may not be the cheapest firm on the market (though we’re certainly not the most expensive either) but we are perhaps the most cost-effective website solution for Sydney small businesses. It’s a big claim, so here’s our pitch to back it up:

  1. Small businesses need to make their pitch quickly and powerfully, and begin to build trust immediately. When you can’t rely on an established brand, it’s especially important to convey professionalism and trustworthiness. We call our philosophy of design trust-focused web design because we use visual elements to try and convey professionalism, honesty and care. These qualities have been consistently found to promote conversions for any kind of online marketing.
  2. Small businesses need clever campaigns. A good website means very little if no one will ever look at it. We use smart SEO strategies to bring your website to the attention of searchers, without engaging in a futile competition with bigger and more established players. This means strategies like targeting relatively low volume but potentially extremely profitable keywords.
  3. Small businesses operate on a tight budget. That means that every dollar you spend has to justify itself- you don’t want to be spending money on website features that you don’t need. We do our work on a very modular basis, work to your requirements rather than our preconceptions and charge accordingly.
  4. Small businesses need to get it right the first time. Asking for something, only to find that what you get is not what you wanted- or worse, not what you asked for- simply will not work. We minimise this risk by being effective communicators and being in contact with you throughout the development process.
  5. Small businesses need an intuitive product that they can customise themselves. You can’t afford to go to IT specialists every time you want to fiddle with or change something on the website. That means that a product focusing on customisable elements, which you can change or which any IT firm (not just us) can change is important. We use open source software and intuitive platforms like WordPress to ensure this is the case.
  6. Small businesses can’t afford to employ many different firms for different aspects of their online presence. We’re an all in one service which merges expertise in design, marketing and coding. If you want custom software to form part of your website, for example, we can provide that.
  7. Finally, small businesses need local expertise, ideally from other small businesses. We provide that.

Whatever your business problems, we believe that we can tackle them. Get in contact for a free discussion/consultation with us on 9199 9666- even if you don’t end up choosing us we believe that our advice can help generate value for your business.