Here at iNerds we offer well constructed pay-per click campaigns. Let us take you through a typical hypothetical case of how we might work with a client.

The client, let’s call him John, needs to boost his online boutique shoe shop to the next level. John comes to us not sure of exactly what he wants, but with a Facebook advertising campaign. We have a chat with him about various strategies and eventually we come to a consensus- because John’s business is relatively small, direct, laser-precise targeting of customers is more advisable than trying to create brand recognition. With this in mind we recommend both a Facebook advertising campaign and a Google Ads campaign.

With this in mind we agree to a plan that involves highly targeted advertising, focused on increasing conversions, rather than impressions or even clicks. We talk about the age, gender & socio-economic profile of his customers (using quantitative data if possible, but, if not, John’s own impressions)- we use this information not only to target who the ad shows to, but also to design different ads for different targets.

A range of different strategies are implemented. We won’t go into detail on all of them but they include:

Negative keywords

A/B testing


Ad Extensions

And social referral strategies

By implementing these strategies we enable John’s campaign to pull ahead of the crowd. This doesn’t just mean a larger profit- it can be the difference between not making a profit and making a profit AT ALL. Since people generally pay for the amount they can extract out of online advertising, profit margins can be very, very thin- it’s an extremely competitive market. Naïve, untrained users of online marketing effectively subsidise the rest.

Though John’s marketing campaign will no doubt need to evolve over time, once we’ve setup the basic infrastructure it will stay in place indefinitely, giving him the edge he needs to extract value from pay per click advertising, and not simply be another campaign- a campaign that bleeds money like so many others. As John requires we will be on hand, ready to help optimise and improve if he should engage us to do so.

Our attention to detail, sound basis in marketing, clever combination of multiple strategies and commitment to empirical testing are what make us possibly the best Pay Per Click campaign firm in Sydney. If you would like to talk strategy with us, give us a call now on 9199 9666 and let’s talk about how PPC advertising can unleash your organisation’s potential.