You’re a lawyer and you need a website. You’re not a website designer, and your website designer almost certainly won’t be a lawyer. However, the best legal websites merge great web-design with legal knowledge, exemplified not only in copy, but also in the structure. How can the gap between legal and technical knowledge be bridged in order to create a phenomenal, value-generating website?

An experienced choice

A good start is to work with a website design firm that has extensive experience working with legal firms. We have extensive experience working with a variety of law firms and lawyers on websites and other digital projects. Much of the value in our experience is an intangible understanding of what it is lawyers do. Our experience means we understand that lawyers are professionals who are looking to assist clients- not hawkers looking to move a product-, while obviously a website for a lawyer- or any firm- will involve sales to some degree, to reduce it to a sales pitch alone would be not only inaccurate, but also counter-productive. Clients want an experienced and reliable advocate, not a salesperson.

Copy options

We can, at your request, write copy on legal matters on the basis of information you provide to us. You then read through the material and, if it is acceptable we will include it on the website for you. This approach has many uses, it can contribute to an SEO campaign, communicate expertise by providing information and help keep your clients informed about what to expect.


Many legal clients are concerned to be able to change their websites as the law changes, or to speak to evolving areas of public concern. A high degree of customisability is thus often essential for legal websites. We can deliver legal websites that allow for a great deal of customisation, either by yourself, or with the assistance of another developer, so you’re not bound to our team should you wish to bring in other expertise.


We also understand that an absolutely professional and crisp website design is essential. Clients generally look to hire a solicitor they feel they can trust, and so stylish (but not flamboyant) design is essential. In our experience building trust is core to selling or advertising anything online, so our designs habitually reflect and refine upon principles of trust-based-design, more relevant to legal websites than perhaps any other product we habitually work on.

Broader marketing campaigns (including, but not limited to, SEO)

The most successful legal firms increasingly advertise online. In the Google age word of mouth and old forms of advertising -such as print media and the yellow pages- no longer suffice. Key to any legal advertising campaign online is search engine optimisation. This is because clients are most often looking for legal help at very select points in their life, so broad and untargeted advertising is less likely to be effective. Far more effective is appearing high enough on s . We have extensive experience in strategically targeted Search Engine Optimisation (that’s how you found this webpage!) We would love to build you a website with SEO principles in mind, and plan and execute marketing campaigns on your behalf using this powerful technique.

Software & Applications

Internal websites designed to help fulfil diverse functions such as database management and billing. There’s two main advantages to going with a software solution: improved accuracy and greater speed. Law requires precision and a lawyer’s time is famously valuable, so we suspect that whatever you do, it would likely benefit from the work of our experienced and qualified programming team.

To sum up: Our value proposition on legal websites

Building on the basis of our strong experience in legal websites design, and our seamless combination of technical design skills we will build you a website that attracts attention- and clients. On an as-you-need basis we can also:

-Write you clear and effective copy,

-Bolster website views and engagement through SEO and other digital marketing tools and,

-Create software to help you manage and expand your businesses