One of the primary services we offer at iNerds is software development. The term ‘software development’ is often used as a simple synonym for creating new software, but we mean it in it’s fullest sense- the development of software, from nothing, to something, to something better again and so on and on.

A little about us. We’re a web-solutions team located in Camperdown, Sydney with a lot of varied skills and abilities. As above, part of what we do is software development (we don’t think in parts though- so if you’re interested in innovative approaches that combine software development with more classical web-design to make something amazing- please let us know!)
Our approach to software development is based on a few key principles;

1. Quality Assurance: Four words sum up our approach here: Test, Test, Test, Test. Arguably there’s a fifth word- it’s also Test. A misstep can disable your software for a whole class of cases, or worse, create misleading results.
2. Flexibility: We know that business needs change, and so we aim to build software that can change with you, and even during the design process.
3. Agile coding: We know that you need to get started- we’re here to speed you up not slow you down.
4. Continued support: Your business doesn’t just develop once and then freeze- neither can your software
We don’t just develop software either- we can expand your existing software, or help turn a white elephant project into a powerful workhorse. We can help you transition from one software package (for example, a database) into another without losing what you’ve already built.

Enough about us! Why would you want a software solution of any sort? The precision and speed of computers offer many possibilities for generating value- some of which you may never have anticipated.

Software that fills out forms, that orders things for you, that monitors customers and markets to them automatically based on a profile or that generates perfect archives from disparate files. All done with perfect accuracy and speed. This can mean anything from lives saved through superior medical record keeping, to eliminating the drudgery of repetitive labour, freeing up your employees- and you- to focus on serving your clients- on lead generation- or even just cutting down your workload a bit.

If you’re looking for a software solution- or if you think that a software solution might be right for you- or even if you’re just curious, give us a call now on 9199 9666 for a free conversation about how software can help transform your company, and how we can be a part of that process.