We’re a programming company located in Sydney, indeed we think we’re one of the best programming companies in Sydney. But doesn’t everyone claim that? Why should you believe us? Let us tell you something about our philosophy.

We certainly know our stuff. But what really sets us apart as a programming team is our capacity to work very closely with you- to relate to the task not just as problem in computer programming but a problem in finding business solutions. Finding a programming solution is as much about the human computer interface as it is about humans per-se, and how that interface can generate value for your business.

We believe in flexibility- before, during and after the project. Before the project, that means negotiating with you about the specifications, time frame, and development cycle and so on. During the project that means continued communication with you about your intentions and needs. Flexibility after completition of the project is ensured by our commitment to using open source options wherever possible, meaning that you can continue to change and modify your software with or without our input.

We believe in quality. That means testing, but also testing, testing and testing. Testing needs to engage the end-user. Testing needs to be comprehensive. Testing needs to structured on the basis of the intended use of the product. Testing needs to occur throughout the life-cycle. Above all, testing needs to happen in quantity because it’s impossible to know beforehand what the results of any test will be.

We don’t outsource our programming. That means that you’re always talking with the people who are going to do the work and who have a more direct stake in the project succeeding.

We could go on (and on, and on), but our point is clear. The communication that matters first in programming isn’t written in any programming language, it’s spoken or written in English, or drawn in a diagram, or conveyed in any number of ways in the spaces between people. Machine languages are precise and without nuance- that means that they’ll do exactly what you tell them to do, meaning that exact requirements need to be worked out beforehand Human languages and machine languages need to join together  in order to generate meaningful value for business.

To put it simply, we think we’re the best programming company for your business because of our approach to communication. Don’t take our word for it though! What better way to trial our communication skills than through a conversation. Give us a call now on 9199 9666 and let’s talk solutions for your business.