Search Optimisation (SEO)

Pros and cons of search optimisation (SEO)

The article contains a brief summary of the pros and cons of search optimisation. For further information you might like to look at Google’s SEO guidelines.

SEO Pros

  • The key benefit of search optimisation is that can it can become a major source for people visiting a website. This will often result in a website becoming very successful compared to others in the same industry that do not engage a SEO expert.
  • The visitors that come to a website can be targeted in a precise manner. For example you could target people looking to buy a Holden Ute in Sydney by optimising for the phrase “Buy Holden Ute Sydney”.
  • The cost of acquiring those visitors can also be quite low compared with traditional media based advertising and pay per click advertising. The reason for this is that you are only paying for the SEO expert to do their work to improve your ranking. You are not paying based on the value provided. This can generate results that have vastly greater sales per dollar spent compared to traditional media outlets.
  • Another benefit is that SEO is highly responsive. For example if you were to write an article about  a current event you could quickly become an authority in that area.

Cons for SEO

  • Despite all of the benefits of SEO there are still downsides.
  • A major downside is that result cannot be guaranteed. The reason for this is you are paying for someone to engage in a competitive activity. Just as a lawyer cannot guarantee you that they will win your case, a legitimate Search Optimisation Expert cannot promise to get you to the top of Google.
  • Another downside is that there can be considerable lead time between starting your SEO campaign and getting results. This is a result of how Google pushes websites to the top of their results page.

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